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Data Union Fork – Tools for Data Strike by Larisa Blazic (UK) // ART & IMAGINATION

Today’s Internet is becoming increasingly centralized, slowing innovation and challenging its potential to revolutionize society and the economy in a pluralistic continent. DECODE is a project in which practical alternatives will be developed for managing online identity, personal and other data and collective governance in a citizen-friendly and privacy-aware fashion. Larisa’s work ‘Data Union Fork: […]

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How Can We Create An Alliance of Green Digital Cities? by The New Institute [DE] // CONVERSATION

THE NEW INSTITUTE  is a mission-driven Institute of Advanced Study and a platform for change.  It is based in Hamburg, privately funded and aims at combining the energy of academia and activism to create Meaningful change, Addressing the most pressing ecological, economic and political challenges, developing concrete solutions. One central project is The New Hanse, […]


Reimagining Climate Mobilisation by Jyri Engeström [FI] // CONVERSATION

This conversation will be based on Saul Griffith and Alex Laskey’s recently published ‘Rewiring America’ ( rewiringamerica.org ) – a significant call to action for electrifying and decarbonizing the US economy. We’ll discuss their plan and ask, should other countries (including Finland) respond with similar initiatives; and what might they replicate or do differently? Jyri […]

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Imagine a Digitalized Future Populated By Robots by Funding Box [EU] // CONVERSATION

The future of Europe is laying on the foundation of robotization and digitization of its companies aiming the EU innovation funding on building the Ecosystem of knowledge transfer, allowing each company to access and absorb relevant Industry 4.0 technology solutions. For that, the for 2021-2027 regional support of Digital Innovation Hubs will be crucial. In […]


Imagining Culture As a Dimension Of Long-Term Environmental Policy by Javier Guillot [COL] // CONVERSATION

One fundamental axis of debate in the conservation movement and in the formulation of environmental policy originates in the framing of the relationship between ‘nature ’  and ‘culture ’. Should we conceive of ‘culture’ as (epistemologically and ontologically) distinct from nature, or should we reject this dichotomy, Integrating or reconciling the ‘natural’ and the ‘cultural’? Despite […]

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The Transcultural Republic of Nodes by Raphael Thelen and Theresa Leisgang [DE] // EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

Ecological collapse accelerates as technology advances. To face both, we’ll need a community, or better than that: a network of independent communities or ‘Nodes’. This experiment workshop will explore how such nodes can share a constitution, collaborate online, and make a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for every member. The nation state as an organizing system […]

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What If We Replaced Partisan Elections With Democratic Lotteries? by of by for [US] // CONVERSATION

George Zisiadis and Adam Cronkright are the co-coordinators at of by for  and their mission is to get beyond parties and politicians, putting everyday people in front and center. In this discussion, George and Adam will share more about their new vision to replace partisan elections with democratic lotteries. This is a vision now you […]