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Roberto Mangabeira Unger [BR] // PEOPLE

Roberto Mangabeira Unger has had intellectually strong influence on how we at Untitled understand societal transformation, and especially the elemental role of imagination in it. A recent presentation of his at MIT in the spring further underlines the importance of his presence at Untitled. “We should not depend on the crisis. It is so as […]

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Imagine a World Where Justice And Clean Energy Are At The Heart of Our Economy by Anchorage Coalition for Change [US] // EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

This was a session at Untitled Festival 2020. Climate change and advances in renewable energy technologies have set the foundation for significant transitions to the economy and to accompanying work force skill requirements. As an energy state, Alaska is well-poised for this transition. Energy security is a matter of justice, equity and resilience. In Alaska, […]

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Bye Bye TINA – How Thinking Differently About The Future Can Shape Democracy Today [DE] by Das Progressives Zentrum // CONVERSATION

How we think about the future determines how we act today. For a long time, the prevailing belief has been that we are living in the age of TINA – T here I s N o A lternative. However, the rise of populism, Fridays for the Future and, more recently, the coronavirus crisis, are only […]