The future of Europe is laying on the foundation of robotization and digitization of its companies aiming the EU innovation funding on building the Ecosystem of knowledge transfer, allowing each company to access and absorb relevant Industry 4.0 technology solutions. For that, the for 2021-2027 regional support of Digital Innovation Hubs will be crucial. In order to realize the potential of robotization and digitalization of the European economy we will show the actual cascade funding for technology transfer experiments that will demonstrate the future reality of funding programs. Join us in discussing the fears, fains and tools to shape the future.

Industry 4.0 freaks: Startups, Technology providers, Research Organizations, Small and Medium companies that want to absorb the right industrial solutions in the right time are all invited to participate in this session.

FundingBox is the leading platform in Europe to support tech startups with equity free funding from Governments has supported more close to 200 startups and has been engaged in close to 20 EC funded initiatives Distribution 120 million euros to startups and researchers. is shaping the European innovation funding reality and they are convinced that the next 7 years will be crucial for digital Transformation of European industry and Deployment of Digital Innovation Hubs as regional one-stop-shops serving the ready-to-implement technological solutions in the local companies. It’s time to understand the new funding order and use it properly for EU growth.

 Sanyu Karani is the CEO and co-founder of FundingBox, the leading platform in Europe to support tech startups with equity free funding from Governments.




Irene Car rión-Álvarez is the leader of the Innovation Department at FundingBox focusing on Fundingbox new projects opportunities in the area of ​​innovation & entrepreneurship support, social innovation, CSR.



Kuba Kruszelnicki is Technology Transfer and Sustainability Manager at Fundingbox focusing on the exploitation and commercialization of projects results as well as on long-term Sustainability strategies involving regional authorities and corporate partners.


Twitter handle: @FundingBox


Photos: Kuba Kruszelnicki (c)