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Building Infrastructure That Transforms Democracy by Anthony Zacharzewski [UK] // CONVERSATION & EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

We have to reimagine the democratic process by breaking out of the traditional governmental pattern of “decide, do, defend”. In an age of personalization, people feel left behind by government – decisions are remote and inflexible, and they cannot easily make real changes in their communities and societies. How can we develop a more participatory, […]

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EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s climate innovation agency, working to Accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon and resilient world by enabling systems Transformation. Headquartered in Amsterdam, it operates from 13 hubs across Europe and is active in 39 countries. The EIT Climate-KIC was established in 2010 and is funded by the European Institute of Innovation […]

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Reimagining Sustainable Living by Hanne Österberg [NL] // CONVERSATION

The conversation hosted by Hanne Österberg will reimagine innovation, focusing on services that enable individual choices when it comes to smart, sustainable and healthy homes and lifestyles. Energy efficient buildings are at the center of major policy plans all over the world. How can private companies foster a transition towards more environmentally friendly technologies for […]

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Re-imagining an Anti-Racist World by Fred Brown [US] // CONVERSATION

As the world becomes more interconnected than ever, slow adopters of collaborative problem-solving techniques run the risk of being left behind. By 2050, seventy percent of the world’s population will live in an urban corridor. With the confluence of population growth and the desire to live in urban corridors, there is an increased risk for […]


Maisa Immonen [FI] // PEOPLE

Maisa Immonen is a Helsinki-based 3D artist and visualist. In her art she creates characters and scenarios, through which she explores emotions and identities. Her interests include the themes of shame and self-assurance and how these are associated with the representation of self and performativeness. Maisa draws inspiration from vibrant colors and organic textures. She […]