This conversation will be based on Saul Griffith and Alex Laskey’s recently published ‘Rewiring America’ ( ) – a significant call to action for electrifying and decarbonizing the US economy. We’ll discuss their plan and ask, should other countries (including Finland) respond with similar initiatives; and what might they replicate or do differently?
Jyri Engeström is a Partner at Yes VC , a San Francisco-based early-stage venture capital firm focused on companies connected with social movements. He founded two internet companies, Jaiku (acquired by Google) and Ditto (acquired by Groupon). He has invested in many companies including Iceye, monitoring the effects of climate change with Radar satellites. Together with his partner Caterina Fake, he helps produce the Should This Exist? podcast about Humanity and technology.
Twitter: @jyri
Photo: Jyri Engeström (c)