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Evo Untitled – Entrepreneurs Changing Capitalism by The Trampery // EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

Entrepreneurs are currently being trained in a narrow Silicon Valley model of success based on limited liability corporations, equity investment and profit. This approach actively reinforces the most damaging aspects of capitalism. How can we change this approach, so entrepreneurs around the world are inspired to build purpose-driven businesses that solve social and environmental problems, […]


Vertical Park Prototype with ‘Goodlife’ Assets by Y-foundation [FI] // EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

This was a session at Untitled Festival 2020. The Y-Foundation wants to experiment with a “Vertical Park” Prototype using ‘good life assets’.  Vertical Park is a next generation prototype of a living unit which combines working to housing, along with local food production, natural biodiversity and using Residents’ resources to promote their livelihoods. It is […]

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Let’s Not Just Be Inclusive, Let’s Build a New World Together by YLVA // CONVERSATION

As the world is in Transformation just including people to current projects and institutions is not enough. The right way would be to build a more just world together. We want to invite people to explore what comes after diversity and inclusion, how to centralize the marginalized and take on big issues such as just […]

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Sustainability Standards and Green Building Initiatives Are Holding Us Back by YLVA // CONVERSATION

Sustainability standards and green building initiatives are holding us back. Green building initiatives and Sustainability standards are masking the problem of over-consumption and as such, only Accelerating the Destruction of our livelihood. We need buildings that are not just sustainable or even net-zero, but ones that actually balance out the massive construction boom of this […]

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A New Urban Development Model for Regenerative Buildings by YLVA // EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

The built environment should be reimagined. Decisions on designing, building, owning and operating buildings influence our lives and future massively. The model of property development is currently incapable of delivering truly sustainable buildings, in other words buildings that have a positive, even regenerative impact on our lives, communities and nature. We need to reimagine the […]

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Imagine ‘Lifestyle Housing’ for Zero-Carbon by Y-Foundation [FI] // CONVERSATION

Our idea is to create large lifestyle housing for people that want to go to zero-carbon and live with nature with gardening as well as produce food with modern aquaponic methods. This would increase the speed of sustainable lifestyle change due to peer-learning and innovation and less need for leisure travel. This idea has transformative […]

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Imagine Work and Home Integrated (and as a Universal Right) by Y-foundation [FI] // CONVERSATION

There are a lot of possibilities creating new work in home environments from traditional maintenance to modern services, from gardening to food production, from community-based work to work as a capital and as a concrete tool in construction.  Integrating work and home has transformative capacity as it does not force the weakest among us to […]