Events & Programmes

UNTITLED gathers activists across sectors to reimagine the society, to form unlikely alliances and initiate real-world experiments.

  • Agenda Groups

    Agenda Groups reimagine new narratives of different realms of society and formed alliances between those who work around the same topic in different sectors or contexts. >>

  • Experiment Attractor

    Experiment Attractor, led by Emergence Room and Untitled, was a support programme for teams and organisations to build movements around their transformative ideas. At the Attractor this happened through developing the narrative and experimentation. >>

  • Untitled Imaginary Society

    Untitled Imaginary Society is an open to all online forum to exercise our social imagination in practice and in theory. It is curated by the Untitled team and Life Itself. Read more >>

  • Untitled Festival

    Untitled Festival has brought together people working at the cutting edge of social and ecological transformation to imagine a social agenda for transformation. >>

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