UNTITLED’s purpose is to collectively reimagine the society, set the agenda for the most important experiments and execute them together. There are nine examples of experiments in process among Untitled members, read about them here. Some of them are on an idea phase, others in motion looking for allies and funders.

Experiment Attractor Programme by Emergence room

Experiment Attractor, led by Emergence Room and Untitled, is a space to build movements around transformative ideas through the power of narrative and experimentation. It is meant for organisations or teams who have a new concept that aims to transform institutions as we know them. For such ideas “concept development” is not enough but building a movement around them is needed. The first cohort started in June 2021.

Experiment Workshop 11 June 2021: How can we increase urban biodiversity through (affordable) housing ?

Y-Foundation & UNTITLED organised a workshop to push for a next step in social housing and regenerative urban development.  

Y-Foundation is a frontrunner in fighting homelessness with the Housing First approach and providing affordable urban housing. Now in the face of the climate and biodiversity crisis, they also seek to find novel solutions to the crisis through affordable housing.  Y-Foundation is working on a Biodiversity Building experiment, which aims to achieve ecological compensation and regeneration in urban areas by finding means to increase biodiversity through (wooden) apartment buildings. The experiment seeks to combine social, community and ecological regeneration. The experiment is in the concept design phase and aims to result in the first wooden building by 2025.

We invited experts and enthusiasts to define the role of housing and imagine the solutions with us on 11 June 2021. We heard insights from Pol Fàbrega Vilella, Rooftop Republic, Hong Kong; Carlo Battisti, Living Future Europe and Ralph Becker, Urban Greens, Manila.

The purpose was to explore the following questions together through insight talks and discussion:

  • What are different approaches and ways to increase biodiversity through buildings and housing?
  • How to integrate green structures into wooden construction?
  • What is the connection between biodiversity and affordable housing?
  • Can urban food production help to decrease our environmental footprint? What are ways to overcome technical limitations?
  • What are ways to create positive social and community impact within housing and shared spaces?
  • What are great references for us all and Y-Foundation to learn from?

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