To consciously yet radically transform the society, we need to engage with two sides of any conscious change: imagination and experimentation. Click the arrows below to read about our Experiment Attractor programme and some of our members’ experiment projects and ideas in progress.

Experiment Attractor

Experiment Attractor, led by Emergence Room and Untitled, is a programme to support transformative ideas through movement building, experimentation and development of their narrative. It is meant for organisations, teams and intrapreneurs who have a new concept that aims to transform institutions as we know them. For such ideas “concept development” or finding “a product-market fit” is not enough. The second cohort for “Community Wealth” experiments started in March 2022. Email us if you are interested in joining or contributing to the Experiment Attractor.

Trees as Infrastructure

Trees As Infrastructure (TreesAI) is a financial platform to value and invest in nature beyond carbon. Developed by Dark Matter Laboratories, it establishes trees and nature as a critical part of urban infrastructure, alongside bridges, roads and rail. TreesAI technology is open source. Glasgow City Council has partnered with TreesAI to launch its first pilot, helping to meet the city’s climate targets. Trees as Infrastructure joined the first cohort of Untitled Experiment Attractor in 2021 and has received funding for example from EIT Climate-KIC and Google.org

Biodiversity Building

Biodiversity Building

The Biodiversity Building is a brand new concept for a wooden apartment building. The building, which promotes biodiversity and absorbs carbon, is being developed by the Y-Foundation and Planetary Architects. The Biodiversity Building project strives to investigate how the technical, spatial and social solutions of a wooden apartment building could be used to protect biodiversity and reduce the carbon footprint from housing. Once completed, the purpose of the Biodiversity Building is to promote biodiversity through its structures, use of the ground and use of the roof level. For the tenants, the building will provide the opportunity to lead a low-carbon lifestyle and grow their own food as part of apartment living. The Biodiversity Building participated in the first Untitled Experiment Attractor in 2021. The first building is aimed to be built by 2025. Y-Foundation is now looking for plots in Helsinki, Finland as well as funding. If interested, please contact Inari Virkkala, Y-Säätiö.

Civic Spaces

civic spaces

We need infrastructures of imagination on an urban scale. The long political crisis we are living through makes a good case for the need to reimagine and expand opportunities for participation in collective life. Yet this crisis can hardly be solved by adding more top-down-participation or by only trying to renew electoral systems, unless the very infrastructures of democracy and imagination are rebuilt. The answer might lie in moulding public spaces into civic spaces: spaces that help create a sense of agency, empower people, explore how to release civic capital and also add a spirit of experimentation and play into the urban experience. Civic Spaces is an experiment led by Gabriella Gómez-Mont of Experimentalista. The concept has been validated in Mexico City over several years and applications, and is looking for places to further experiment and implement learnings through planning and operations of urban space.

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