What is the role that art, creativity and contemplation can play in helping us turn our inspiration & joy, as well as our frustration & pain into choices for the future which are aligned with our highest values ​​and ethics? How can we use our whole body and being as an antenna of deep listening to feel into these thresholds and play with them? And finally, how can we learn to explore the liminal spaces of our consciousness with curiosity and openness in order to allow the future to emerge organically from the mists of time?

In this workshop we will use a combination of reflective, meditative and creative techniques to feel into these questions and tap into the subtle Dreamscapes of our subconscious in order to create a “Dreamseed” drawing. This piece of art will hold within it the potent Intentions and answers explored through a number of exercises designed to awaken more of our inspiration, Imagination and intuition.

I invite you to gently step into your mytho-Poetic Dreamscapes and discover the wisdom and beauty waiting to be seen, heard and expressed as we collectively explore more creative solutions to the most pressing problems.

* Please have a piece of paper and drawing materials handy for the workshop (a pen or pencil is enough) If you want to bring color pencils and pastels please do. No previous experience with mediation or art is required to attend, everything has been designed to be accessible to all. *

Eileen Hall is a creative director, artist and explorer based in London. She is the founder of Tayos, a multidisciplinary and multicultural collective of artists and Scientists looking to reconnect people to nature through art & music with the aim to also help protect the endangered wild habitats of her home country of Ecuador. In her paintings she enjoys Exploring the liminal and fluid spaces between our inner consciousness and our outer environments with a special focus on our connection to nature, Poetry and Dreamscapes. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher she has worked with individuals, groups and companies worldwide combining creativity and contemplation practices for wellbeing and health for a number of years.

Websites:  www.eileen-hall.com, www.tayos.org,

Instagram: @hall_eileen @tayos_art

Twitter: @eileen_hall

Images: Eileen Hall (c)