In 2020 we at Untitled did something no one knew was possible: we organised a festival online. We also did it in 2021, improving the concept based on the first year’s lessons.

In 2022 an online festival is not really the thing to do. This spring, we have been bringing people together to discuss and work in smaller groups over longer periods. We’ll continue doing that in autumn.Untitled Festival, as we’ve known it, takes a break this year.

We are also eager to find more opportunities for in-person gatherings. After two years of on-screen friendship, the Untitled team has had the pleasure of some of our members, such as Gabriella Gómez Mont from Experimentalista and Anthony Zacharzewski from Democratic Society, visiting Helsinki. From March till June in Pittsburgh, we brought together a cohort of nonprofits to work face-to-face, equipped with big papers, pens and even some good old post-it notes. The power of in-person encounters has been more than invigorating. We wish to have more of them while keep on meeting also online for frequent conversations across the globe.

In autumn, it is time to take stock after 2,5 years of experimenting on what we call Untitled and steer together its next phase. If you want to be part of this conversation, let us know.

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