Some teams have product ideas, and some aim to transform society as we know it. Experiment Attractor by Emergence Room (an initiative of MarsDD and Dark Matter Labs) & Untitled supports teams through movement building, experimentation and development of their narrative.

The second edition of Experiment Attractor in spring 2022 welcomed six teams building Community Wealth: Autonomy: Cab Shelters 2.0, Community Opportunities Lab: Food Sovereignty and Finance, Genda Villages, Team Whoa!: We House One Another, The Time Repair Corporation: Timelab 2022 and Dark Matter Labs: Radical Civics.

For example, Autonomy, an independent research organisation focused on the future of work, is experimenting with cab shelters 2.0: For 150 years, cab shelters have provided a place of rest for London’s cab drivers. The streets are seeing new roaming workers like delivery drivers. Cab shelters 2.0 aim to bring comfort and services to these new users.