Visual notes of the discussion by Jo Harrington

Untitled Agenda Groups reimagine new narratives of different realms of society, which is crucial to give direction to transformative initiatives. They connect and form alliances between people who work around the same topics in different sectors or contexts. The agenda groups provide a space for mutual learning and peer-advice, where thinkers and practitioners can develop unfinished ideas, share learnings and failures, and seek insights and advice from others.

In March 2022, we formed a group of nine members around Democracy and Imagination. The initiative came from Paola Pierri, Director of Research and Design at Democratic Society, in collaboration with design expert Jo Harrington. “We had such a great discussion around our idea of democracy as a generative force at Untitled Festival 2021”, says Paola. “We wanted to keep going to create a space where practitioners can develop their thinking and “next practices” instead of already established best practices. To be able to share unfinished thoughts, learnings and failures so that we all can do stronger work in renewing democracy.”

In autumn, we will publish a paper based on the ideas of the Democracy group. Another group – Housing as an Asset – will start on the initiative of Y-Foundation.

Do you wish to create a group of forward-looking actors around a topic that needs to be reimagined? Contact us.