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4 Messages from the Festival to the Agenda

Untitled’s Agenda for Transformation is a co-developed, evolving project. Some interesting broader themes and patterns emerged from the conversations across the 40 sessions at Untitled festival to inform the agenda. Here, we have curated four of those shared themes that illustrate the how, why, and what of the transformations that the Untitled community wants to […]

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Free House – A Model for Affordable, Zero-carbon Homes by Dark Matter Labs (SE) // NATURE-HUMAN

The Free House project is a speculative idea for a new tenure model for housing; combining the concepts of stewardship, perpetual bond finance and zero-carbon construction. The project is aimed to build a single prototype house as a demonstrator of this new reality, with the home itself being represented as a digital autonomous organisation and […]

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Democratic Climate Model: Identifying shifts towards climate resilience by Democratic Society // NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE

The Democratic Climate Model is an innovation for climate action at a local level. This model takes a systems approach to pathways towards climate resilience, making explicit the relationship between design, power and social justice, and where inequity and citizen disempowerment weaken governance and climate resilience.  Agenda track: 5 New models of economy & governance […]

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Mattereum – Governing the “Lean Green” Circular Economy by Vinay Gupta [UK] // NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE

For our collective future, we are trying to steer somewhere between “business as usual” and “degrowth”, envisaging a world where our living standards change remarkably little, but our resource use more than halves, through the “Lean Green Model”. To create this world, nothing can be thrown away or squandered. We will present a model in […]

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New Geography of Living by Demos Helsinki & Dark Matter Labs [FI/UK] // HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS

In this session, we will explore the possibility of a new way of living, something that overcomes the centre-periphery distinction and aims to create a language for a new aspirational way of living. Session Type: New Narratives Agenda Track: Nature-Human, Heterodox Institutions Interaction level: Some of time Movement: None  Screen: Good to have  Time: Friday 24th September 11–12.30 […]

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Dr. Untitled – A Confessional Online Performance by MiklagardArts & Studio Kalleinen // HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS

In this playful event we share the struggles of living up to our values and ideals. Dr. Untitled is the first part of a series of events consisting of online performances, one-on-one sessions with members of the Untitled Alliance and a grand offline finale at Untitled Festival 2022.  Agenda track: Heterodox Institutions Session type: New […]

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Imagination to Legislation: Powerful Perception Shifts to Build Imaginative Capacity and New Systems by Phoebe Tickell // NATURE-HUMAN

Rather than seek answers to “what is right” externally to ourselves, Moral Imaginations invites a discovery of purpose and morality by directly cultivating imaginative explorations of our moral sense, deepening empathy and igniting prosocial creativity. The potential to build civic movements, local solidarity and networks of action from this place is exciting and under exploration. […]

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Humble Governance – The Colorado Experiment by Demos Helsinki & RadicalxChange // NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE

Our liberal democracies have traditionally based their legitimacy on a stance of near-omniscience and self-righteousness. Unfortunately, in a world of high uncertainty and continuous crisis, such a position leads to political stalemate. This impedes our society’s ability to change at a time of great transformational need. Agenda track: 5 New models of economy & governance […]