In this session, we will explore the possibility of a new way of living, something that overcomes the centre-periphery distinction and aims to create a language for a new aspirational way of living.

Session Type: New Narratives
Agenda Track: Nature-Human, Heterodox Institutions
Interaction level: Some of time
Movement: None 
Screen: Good to have 
Time: Friday 24th September 11–12.30 EEST 

In recent years, living costs have skyrocketed, while some neighbourhoods, areas, and even cities are becoming desolate. People are increasingly in competition while living among millions of neighbours. City centres are being drained from the spaces for connecting that previously have been the very essence of living. Cities are increasingly being built for capital, but it is unclear for whom these cities are built for.

Ultimately, we aim to reconceptualise what living in cities-villages-countryside could look like in the 21st century.

A compartmentalised model of urban core – suburbia – countryside does not work anymore, but we do not have a clear understanding of what can replace the monopolistic model of urban development. With the unforeseen infrastructure investment (stimulus and refurbishment in the Global North and new developments in Global South) we have a unique opportunity to reimagine economic geography.

Together, in this session we will be rethinking the language, models, institutions and forms of knowledge that inform geographical development. Demos Helsinki and Dark Matter Labs have been working towards developing a new geographical model for living that would unlock true alternatives for the futures of life in cities. But this work is still incomplete.

This session will be hosted by Johannes Nuutinen from Demos Helsinki and Jake Heitland and Juhee Hahm from Dark Matter Labs.

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