Annual Untitled Festival is an intimate celebration of imagination and experimentation. We focus on the societal transformation and align action with unlikely allies. The next Untitled festival on the 23rd–24th of September 2021 brings together people working on the edge of social and ecological transformation to imagine a transformative social agenda.

The evolving agenda tracks are

NATURE – HUMAN. We shall overcome the human-nature dichotomy. 

ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS. We need to reset the value base for politics

CIVIC IMAGINATION. We want ways to imagine and be curious together.

HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS. We must refuse the normal

NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE. We need to revalue our economies and governance. 

Read more about the agenda here.

Three types of sessions of the festival

Untitled is trying to build an agenda by using artistic, novel and weird ways of working with the world, creating better stories of how things can change and having genuinely new and untested ideas of what is needed. The Festival thus has three types of sessions:

New narrative groups – Discover better stories of how things can change: What are the news stories we should be telling each other about a good society? What are the new stories of flourishing people, communities, regions, and the biosphere? Are you working to renew a theme that could renew how we think about the world?

New experimental models sessions – Envision and plan tangible yet experimental projects: What are the new institutions that can become the infrastructure of the next society? What should we experiment with creating and building? What is the movement that is required to make it happen? Are you working on an experimental project that should become part of the Untitled Agenda?

New perspectives sessions – Adopt artistic, novel and weird ways of working with the world: What are the ways of thinking and doing that we have not dared to try yet? What can be learned from obscure ways of relating, imagining, and creating? Are you a performer, artist, or scientist who needs a transformative social context to your work?

Untitled Festival is co-created by different organisations and people organising the sessions. If you would like to organise one, send a note with your idea to these three people: khadra.aden@demoshelsinki.fi, outi.kuittinen@demoshelsinki.fi, roope.mokka@demoshelsinki.fi

What is the festival like?

It is a festival, not a gig or a conference, let alone a webinar. At Untitled everyone participates – either by hosting sessions or by giving their insights and your presence in and outside the sessions. At the Festival and in Untitled in general, we strive for creating as brave, safe and joyful online conditions for people to meet and relate as possible. We follow and ask everyone to follow The Principles for a Braver Space.

At the first festival in 2020 there was main stage for convening all the participants together, 60 really intriguing parallel sessions, of art, conversations and experiment workshops, moments and breaks to prevent online fatigue – but also chaos, joy and serendipity. You can see the 2020 timetable here.