The next annual Untitled festival on the 23rd–24th of September 2021 brings together people working at the cutting edge of social and ecological transformation to imagine a social agenda for transformation.

All together 30 sessions will be set up by the participants on a shared platform. At this event, there are no panels or keynotes. Every session contributes to the agenda for transformation.

We ask everyone to join three sessions, or more, to allow cohesion amongst serendipity. Take a look at picks from the programme, and start planning your journey to the imagination. Attend different types of sessions on one or several agenda tracks.

All sessions will be online and catering for different time zones. There will be local gatherings, let us know if you’d like to set up or attend one.

We aim to create an intimate and a braver space to reimagine societies. Thus it is an invitation-only event. We welcome open applications.

5 evolving agenda tracks

There is a seed for the agenda based on the work in Untitled thus far. It consists of five tracks that will evolve at the Festival and after:

NATURE – HUMAN. We shall overcome the human-nature dichotomy.
ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS. We need to reset the value base for politics.
CIVIC IMAGINATION. We seek ways to imagine and be curious together.
HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS. We must refuse the normal.
NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE. We need to revalue our economies and governance.

3 types of festival sessions

The agenda needs new narratives, experimental models and ways of working with the world. Thus, the festival has:

NEW NARRATIVE GROUPS – Discover better stories of how things and people can change and what they can be.

NEW EXPERIMENTAL MODELS SESSIONS – Envision and develop tangible yet experimental projects.

NEW PERSPECTIVES SESSIONS – Adopt artistic, novel and weird ways of working with the world.

All participants are encouraged to host sessions to open up and develop with others their most recent and cutting-edge work related to the five agenda tracks. If interested, email us a brief note with your idea at untitled@untitled.community. You can consult the Co-creation manual before emailing us.

What to expect?

It is a festival, not a gig or a conference, let alone a webinar. At Untitled everyone participates – either by hosting sessions or by giving their valuable insights and presence. At the Festival and in Untitled in general, we strive to create as brave, safe and joyful online conditions for people to meet and relate as possible. We follow and ask everyone to follow The Principles for a Braver Space.

We highly recommend you to drop multitasking and dedicate the days for a more sustainable, fair and joyful societies. Being present is good for you, the others and for the work and play together.

At the first festival in 2020 there was the main stage for convening all the participants together, 60 really intriguing parallel sessions, art, conversations and experiment planning workshops, moments and breaks to prevent online fatigue – but also chaos, joy and serendipity. You can see the 2020 timetable here.