Here is a seed of a transformative social agenda, based on the work in Untitled thus far. Now we invite the Untitled community to refine it and populate it in the years to come.We invite people and communities working with  new narratives, experimental models and perspectives in these categories to apply to the festival.

NATURE – HUMAN. We shall overcome the human-nature dichotomy. 

Examples of themes: Overcoming the human-nature dichotomy, biodiversity, nature in cities, new biomaterial view of production, regenerative cultures and infrastructures.

ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS. We need to reset the value base for politics

Examples of themes: Joy, care, love, wisdom as political forces, politics of wellbeing, ontological politics questioning who we are as humans.

CIVIC IMAGINATION. We want ways to imagine and be curious together. Examples of themes: Post-consumerist recreation and creativity, the public sector as a platform for imagination, the imagination of new rituals, cultures, and institutions.

HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS. We must refuse the normal

Examples of themes: Reimagining humans in a diverse world, racial justice, decolonization, building the world from the point of view of the marginalized.

NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE. We need to revalue our economies and governance. 

Examples of themes: Commons, economic models, governance models, ways of sharing, creating, organizing, and nurturing.