Agenda for social transformation

The purpose of Untitled Festival 2021 is to start working together on a social agenda for transformation. Here is its seed based on the work in Untitled thus far.

Now we invite the Untitled community to refine it at the festival and the following months, and to populate it in the years to come. We also invite people and communities working with new narratives, experimental models and perspectives related to the agenda tracks to apply to the festival to host sessions that help shape the agenda, and to participate in  sessions by others. Read more of the different types of festival sessions below.

Evolving agenda tracks

NATURE – HUMAN. We shall overcome the human-nature dichotomy. 

Examples of themes: Overcoming the human-nature dichotomy, biodiversity, nature in cities, new biomaterial view of production, regenerative cultures and infrastructures.

ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS. We need to reset the value base for politics

Examples of themes: Joy, care, love, wisdom as political forces, politics of wellbeing, ontological politics questioning who we are as humans.

CIVIC IMAGINATION. We want ways to imagine and be curious together. Examples of themes: Post-consumerist recreation and creativity, the public sector as a platform for imagination, the imagination of new rituals, cultures, and institutions.

HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS. We must refuse the normal

Examples of themes: Reimagining humans in a diverse world, racial justice, decolonization, building the world from the point of view of the marginalized.

NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE. We need to revalue our economies and governance. 

Examples of themes: Commons, economic models, governance models, ways of sharing, creating, organizing, and nurturing.

See sessions at the 2021 Festival that contribute to the different tracks of the agenda.

Read more about why we think such an agenda is both necessary and possible.

Three types of sessions at the festival

Untitled is trying to build the agenda by using artistic, novel and weird ways of working with the world, creating better stories of how things can change and having genuinely new and untested ideas of what is needed. The Festival thus has three types of sessions:

NEW NARRATIVE GROUPS – Discover better stories of how things can change: What are the new stories we should be telling each other about a good society? What are the new stories of flourishing people, communities, regions, and the biosphere? Are you working to renew a theme that could reshape how we think about the world?

NEW EXPERIMENTAL MODELS SESSIONS – Envision and plan tangible yet experimental projects: What are the new institutions that can become the infrastructure of the next society? How should we experiment with creating and building them? What kind of  movement that is required to make it happen? Are you working on an experimental project that should become part of the Untitled Agenda?

NEW PERSPECTIVES SESSIONS – Adopt artistic, novel and weird ways of working with the world: What are the ways of thinking and doing that we have not dared to try yet? What can be learned from obscure ways of relating, imagining, and creating? Are you a performer, artist, or scientist who needs a transformative social context to your work?

If you would like to organise one these kinds of session on a topic related to the agenda tracks, send a note with your idea to

You can consult our Co-creation manual before you email us.