According to research, climate change is a truly shared worry among citizens. We have looked for the solutions to come from consumers, from regulators, from investors. But as climate change keeps increasing and biodiversity diminishing, Service Union United PAM thinks we need to expand agency to tackle this issue. Employees – those same citizens that worry about climate change – are a resource too modestly harnessed for this work.

Agenda track:  4 Heterodox institutions & 5 New models of economy & governance
Session type: New narratives & New experimental models
Interaction level: Most of the time
Movement level: Some
Screen need: Needed all the time
Day: Friday 24th, at 2 pm–4 pm EEST | 11 am–1 pm UTC

The role given to us as employees in the story of climate change is to be worried of jobs vanishing. But what kind of a force could we as employees be? How could we strengthen the collaboration of employees and companies in progressing sustainable transitions?  What would employee-driven sustainability work look like? What kind of asset would that be to the companies? How would that contribute to our feeling of rewarding work? And how could we experiment on this?

The Service Union United warmly welcomes you to explore these questions together. You can be an employee or employer of any field, a citizen, an activist, an entrepreneur, a student, a researcher, or artist – a person curious about fair and sustainable transitions, climate change, or  the future of work and rewarding work.

The fruits of the session are a starting point for developing concrete experiments for PAM and potential partners to take forward.

PAM logoWith its 210,000 members, Service Union United PAM is the biggest trade union in Finland. They represent people employed in the private service sector. So next time in Finland you visit a store, a restaurant or see your office cleaner, say hi! They are likely to be a member of PAM. Service Union PAM wants to be a strong, relevant, modern union for years to come and that is why it is one of the founding members of the Untitled Alliance. This session is a continuation of the rewarding work theme PAM explored at Untitled Festival 2020.