The city of Helsinki and its citizens have received a brand new vision for arts and culture reaching the year 2030. Created by an independent committee consisting of high-level professionals, it is now being facilitated for discussion by city officials. The core vision is that Helsinki is seen to hold art and culture at the heart of good living and city development. We want to open up for discussion the measures needed so that in 2030:

  • In a constantly changing reality, art helps Helsinki know itself, imagine alternative worlds and build paths to the future.
  • Art helps challenge familiar models and find new solutions for the City’s operations and planning
  • The City knows how to utilize art-based methods, and artists help in many ways in the planning of the urban environment, in the social and health sector and in education.

As a measurable goal, the vision suggests: “the City of Helsinki will introduce the expertise of artists and the utilization of art-based methods in the development of the city across divisions”. The key issue we want to discuss with you is how to achieve this. What are the extreme Theoretical limits of arts and culture in societal problem Solving? What could be the concrete actions actualizing that potential?

Everyone with interest, experience, knowledge or creative thinking is welcome to join the discussion. Knowledge of art-based methods and understanding of how to create change in established processes is valued. Join us visioning and finding pathways to a world where arts and culture can be a tool for a new and superior way of problem Solving. A world where the fields of arts and culture are a solution, rather than a (resource) problem.

 There’s huge potential in unlocking the problem Solving capacity of arts and culture. The know-how and skills of arts and culture are underutilized widely in the society. We need Courage and measures to bring together skills and methodology from different fields of society – arts & culture, politics, science & education, business – in order to solve complex problems better.

 The session is Hosted by the city of Helsinki’s Sector of Culture and Leisure. The operations of the sector emphasize freedom. The freedom to choose, to be yourself and to do the things that interest you the now. Your hosts will be  Mari Männistö [Culture Director of Helsinki] and Christian Sannemann [Participation Specialist].

Websites: Read the vision here , News item about publication