Festival timetable

23–24 September

On Thu–Fri 23–24 September the programme will run from 8 am UTC to 7 pm UTC.
1 am–12 pm PDT | 4 am–3 pm EDT
10 am–21 CEST | 11 am – 22 EEST

The full programme of the festival with timetable will be published on the 15th of September on the festival’s online event platform. People invited and registered for the festival will receive log in details by email.

The are two sessions that convene everyone:

one on Thursday at 12–2 pm UTC (15–17 EEST, 14–16 CEST) and
one on Friday at 3–6 pm UTC (18–21 EEST, 17–20 CEST). We highly recommend everyone to join these moments to relate to others, to make sense of it all and to play!

There will also be one special session “Live Artists’ Think Tank” on Saturday the 25th in the African / European afternoon / early morning in Americas. This session is open for anyone, also beyond Festival guests.

Every week we’ll publish more picks from the programme with details of what you can expect. See them here at the Sessions page and on Twitter.

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