We claim that there is an urgent need for inclusive and climate-positive growth, which in turn gives us an opportunity to reimagine sustainability and the property industry. 

The real estate industry has for decades known the underlying murky challenges related to it, but has ignored or undermined the issues. Now, the growing power within the youth is challenging the laissez-faire attitude. This decade is the decade of action.

Ylva focuses on real estate and financial investments along with the hotel and restaurant sector. We have co-founded Untitled, not to pat each other on the back for being progressive, but to take on the real issues we have in Helsinki and in other urban areas around the world, such as segregation or challenges in sustainability.

We want to challenge ourselves on what the sustainable city of tomorrow would actually mean. We want to reimagine and experiment on what the world’s most sustainable building would be like. What would a building that doesn’t just minimize its negative impact but has a positive impact on its environment, the communities, the city and even the whole property industry be like? What would it take to move from the extractive property industry to the regenerative city?

We are a company owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Our standing between private and public actors, as well as young people and the academic world makes these questions and the answers to them essential to us. Will you join us in answering them at Untitled Festival 2020?

Antti Kerppola, CEO 

Jannica Aalto, Marketing and Communications Director

Ylva’s goal is to build the Helsinki of the future. The Helsinki of the future is an international and sustainable city of science and economy. Our business operations focus on the real estate and restaurant industries. Our owners are the students of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. Ylva has been part of Helsinki’s cityscape for 150 years and our business operations focus on long-term planning.

Photo: Juha Jernvall, CC BY 4.0,