Speculative Sketching is a 10-minute creative writing exercise led by Corey Chao from Reboot to tone our futuring muscles before immersing in the content of a festival session or to synthesis a session collectively. Each participant picks from a set of prompts to write a very short narrative from the point of view of a future stakeholder in the content area the session itself is exploring. The goal is two-fold: to surface the individual and structural forces shaping the ways future people might interact with an issue, and to manifest some specific examples of futures we might prefer.

Speculative sketching is not its own session but you might encounter it as a starting or ending in another festival sessions.

Corey Chao is a Design director at Reboot, a filmmaker and media advocate and both dreamer and pragmatist. He uses storytelling and participatory methods to drive Reboot’s service design, facilitate alignment, and surface strategic opportunities to make a better world. Corey’s design practice focuses on distributing creative control to the diverse stakeholders and beneficiaries of social initiatives.

Reboot believes in a future that honors the dignity and joy of all, and helps diverse communities come together to shape it together. It supports communities to expand our collective imagination, find common cause, and craft a world rooted in care. Since 2010, Reboot has worked in over 40 countries to champion visions of a more just, caring, and equitable world. Reboot partners with community groups, grassroots activists, academics, movement organizations, nonprofits, private foundations, businesses, governments, and international agencies. The common thread between them is a commitment to structural justice. Reboot has offices in New York, US and Abuja, Nigeria.