Does the idea of working for fair, sustainable and joyful social transformation together with a global community light you up? Then join the Untitled team.

Untitled is a community and space for social imagination and experimentation to bring out the next era after the societal crisis. Untitled invites pioneering thinkers and doers to come together to reimagine the society, to form unlikely alliances and to initiate real-world experiments together.

It is founded by an alliance of activist organisations across sectors and led by Demos Helsinki. The Alliance and its invitees gather together in an annual festival.

We are recruiting a colleague with responsibility over Operations and Community to contribute to three main goals 2021:

  1. Untitled has a great member and participant experience as well as robust practices and systems to execute it.
  2. Untitled has a strong community feel.
  3. There are transformative experiments running that embody the narrative of Untitled with multiple members of the alliance participating in each of them. 

Untitled today

Untitled Alliance has 40 member organisations from 12 countries and individuals from 35+ countries. We want to expand this community. The first Untitled festival was held mainly online in September 2020 with 65 co-created sessions and 400 participants in 35 countries. During 2020 in highly turbulent conditions generated by the pandemic we set up, and redesigned, Untitled’s initial structures and many activities from communications to a hybrid festival. Now we want to develop them with the experience gained and the talent you bring.

Some resources that give more insight into our work and thinking:

Role description of the person with responsibility over Operations & Community

The position is to be filled from as soon as possible until July 2021. We are looking for a person working 100 % but we are flexible to accommodate your situation.

It would make our collaboration a success, if in 6 months with your strong contribution…

  • Untitled has well designed and implemented participant experience for different depths of participation. 
  • Untitled has well-functioning, robust practices and processes both for engaging the Untitled Alliance and broader community and co-creating and managing the annual festival.
  • Alliance members know what it means to be part of Untitled. Untitled has a strong community feel with things happening without the Untitled core team being involved in all actions. Members have good and valuable experience of Untitled coordination.
  • Untitled Festival is known by the festival participants and hosts for a great experience and clarity of information.
  • There are at least six transformative experiments in development that embody the narrative of Untitled with multiple members of the alliance participating in each of them. 

What kind of traits likely indicate success? 

Note: The following are not strict requirements for applying but are indicators for success from our previous experience. Thus, if you don’t feel that you match all of them, you are still extremely welcome to apply if you are committed to the goals.

  • strong ability to see the big picture and turn that into action: into approachable practices, processes, and systems. Capability to develop and maintain them independently
  • tolerance for ambiguity and chance, not afraid of complexity

  • strong capability to prioritise, take things to the end and able to work in an organised way that enables others in the team to build on your work
  • Ability to communicate clearly in writing and orally in English

The person will carry responsibility over work related to both operations and community management. However, we understand that people have different experiences, inclinations and interests and these can be taken into account when defining together the focus of work. Thus, additional traits depending on the experience and interests of the applicant:

Operations oriented

  • creativity and proactive problem-solving skills
  • ability to map out options, weigh their implications and plan a solution fit for the purpose
  • experience of or at least strong ability to makes sense of digital systems of managing projects, networks and events 

Community oriented

  • Good ability to reach out to people and sense needs from different parties
  • Experience in nurturing networks or communities
  • In touch with funding ideas and sources for transformative experiments

Examples of activities that would be initially expected to be on the table

Together with the team 

  • Designing and executing “the member & participant experience”
  • Designing and executing practices and tools for smooth alliance engagement and team and project management
  • Organising and facilitating different meetings and activities of the alliance
  • Connecting relevant alliance members to each other and enabling mutual learning and collaboration 
  • Designing and executing processes and tools to curate festival content and invite a diverse group of participants 
  • Concepting and executing a hybrid festival and of course taking part in it 2nd–5th June 2021 (the dates may change due to the pandemic)!
  • Documenting progress and creating content to the website, social media and newsletter
  • Supporting in expanding the Alliance and raising funding 

What would it be like to work on Untitled at Demos Helsinki?

You have full accountability of reaching the goals with great freedom of designing the way there. The ethos of fighting for a fair, sustainable, and joyful next era is visible every day. We approach societal change pluralistically, thus, discussions and argumentation to avoid simple truths is key for us. You will be working with brilliantly curious and challenging people also beyond Demos Helsinki. Starting from Untitled alliance network, we are working with people all over the world who won’t let you down.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community, a place where we can all be ourselves. This also means flexible working arrangements. We treat each other with dignity and respect and do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

Some practicalities

  • Demos Helsinki has its main office in Helsinki, where the current Untitled team works. We are flexible as to where you are located but being based in Helsinki the closer the festival gets makes things much smoother for you and the rest of the team. Most of the Alliance members are at the moment on European timezones.
  • Salary 2900–3500 €/month
  • Start date as soon as possible, fixed term until July 2021
  • We are looking for a person working 100 % but we are flexible to accommodate your situation. (e.g. starting part-time and growing it towards summer)
  • Professional or study background can be virtually anything from business to humanities, from design to culture. Experience, abilities and interest matter more.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English is required. Finnish is not mandatory.
  • You will be working closely with Outi Kuittinen and Roope Mokka who lead Untitled as well as with other Demosians and later additions to the Untitled team

Concerning next steps & how to apply

Demos Helsinki promotes equality in working life and our office and all workspaces are accessible. We have an anonymous application process in the first phase of the candidate selection. You can apply for this position by filling out the application form, but the details that are irrelevant for the preliminary selection (e.g., your name, age, and city) are temporarily hidden when we go through the applications. The anonymous application process ensures that the preliminary selection is influenced only by information that is relevant to the process. 

Please submit your application here: 

Based on this application, we can invite people to interviews starting already during the application period. All applications sent during the application period will be taken into consideration in the recruitment process.

The application period is open until Friday the 8th of January, 2021, 23:59 (EET). All applicants will be informed of their status in the application process by Wednesday the 13th of January the latest.

For further information, you can contact Outi Kuittinen (+358 50 326 55 82) any time except the 24th-26th of December. If she cannot take your call, she will call you back.