This was a session at Untitled Festival 2020.

While everyone is talking about the urgency of transition to a sustainable, post-fossil future, there are actually very few coherent, science-backed images of the future or serious political programs that would depict such a transition. The lack of such works of Imagination forms an obstacle to a greater political and social mobilization. In 2012 Demos Helsinki and its partners created Four Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles 2050, a study that presented storylines on alternative societal models and lifestyles that could meet the globally sustainable level of 8 tonnes / annum / person material footprint. 

Now, in 2020, it is worthwhile to look back and review how Four Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 could serve as a starting point for imagining and experimenting with the great transition of the 2020s and 2030s to carbon neutral societies . We will discuss how to make Four Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 a usable tool for transition is a topic we will discuss in the session. Political groups and their advisors, business leaders, strategists and environmentalists are invited.

There is a great urgency to avoid the climate catastrophe. The coming decade will be full of disruptive events that provide opportunities for moving faster towards a sustainable society. But that cannot happen unless we have scenarios on alternative models for a sustainable society.

Vinay Gupta is a visionary serial-entrepreneur and coder. He is the CEO of Mattereum and Inventor of Hexayurt. Previously Gupta helped coordinate Ethereum’s 2015 release, working as a project manager on strategy and communications.

Aleksi Neuvonen is the co-founder of Demos Helsinki. He lead the research behind the Four Scenarios for Sustainable Lifestyles 2050. He has published numerous other scenario reports and lectured on futures studies in various universities. 

Twitter: @leashless, @leksis