1. Let’s play!

Untitled is about creating intimacy, joy and connection. In the sessions, this is as valuable as exploring the topic.


  1. Share the air

Broaden your perspective. Leave time and space for others to be heard and seen. Cherish different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. We don’t aim at consensus.


  1. Be yourself and encourage others to be themselves

Refer only to your own experiences or to experiences you know to be true. Avoid referring to generalisations that build on assumptions. Let others define themselves. 


  1. Enjoy failing

Put yourself out there! If you fail and someone corrects you, get used to saying: “Sorry, I didn’t know that, I’ll do better next time”. We are here to learn new ways of looking at the world. 


  1. Dare to dream

Untitled is a community of visionary organisations and passionate individuals who are willing to revolutionise the society. This is the time and space to imagine!


  1. Spread the ideas

What happens in Untitled does not need to stay in Untitled. We follow the so-called Chatham House rules. You are free to refer to conversations or to use the information you are given, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the person in question may be revealed, unless you ask for explicit consent.

Let’s enjoy the two days together. Share, care and dare.