We invite you to an intimate check-out session to process and integrate the sparks and triggerings of the day in a group setting, without restrictions as to what topics should emerge. The purpose is connecting, instead of networking. It takes the pressure off cerebral representation and can – paradoxically – result in profound Intellectual contributions. But it doesn’t have to. It is essentially an exercise around liberalizing ourselves and each other from expectations to unlock deeper and personal imaginaries. As importantly, it creates a spacious readiness to find a common rhythm and shape the collective identity of the Alliance.


Ilona Puskas (she / her) works in Community Activation at EIT Climate-KIC. She is a cultural programmer with a keen eye for irregulars and dormant rebels. She has worked in a variety of contexts from public policy to exponential technology, striving for positive impact. She is a devoted advocate for the revised role of the curator in facilitating sustainability, and solidarity in curatorial praxis.

Twitter: @ClimateKIC

Website: www.climate-kic.org