Over the years, we have developed best practices for efficient participatory processes to tackle climate change at local and national levels. This experiment workshop would be an opportunity for participants to co-creatively scale this idea to the global level. This work will feed into  The Global Resonance Project’s goal ( (funded until the end of 2021) )to find the deeper, underlying patterns for co-creation that connect different methodologies, processes and toolkits.

The workshop will prototype a participatory process to tackle climate change globally, by looking at patterns of appropriate formats, methodological architectures, distributed and synchronized communication, collective Intelligence, shared decision making and co-creative innovation. We are aiming at experimenting with this prototype under real circumstances, eg by introducing elements of it to the COP climate conference or by connecting national citizen assemblies already underway. This 90min workshop will be interesting to you if you want to understand how cocreation as the operating system outcompetes negotiation and deliberation to creatively solve complex climate-related problems.

Jascha Rohr is a philosopher, co-founder and managing director of the Institute for Participatory Design, and founder of the Cocreation Foundation. Jascha is a visionary process artist, practical intellectual and thinking activist. He is driven by the question of why we as human beings are the only species capable of destroying our own basis of life. Jascha is looking for ways to turn our individual and collective potential into positive pathways towards a better future by learning to be creative together: cocreative. As cocreatives, we can succeed in shaping the great transformation that lies ahead if we want to live in peace, freedom and ecological health and abundance with 10-12 billion people on this earth.To this end, he further develops approaches such as Participatory Design, Cocreation, Governance Design and the Field-Process-Theory. Jascha lives with his partner and wife, his son and a demented cat in an eco-settlement in the countryside near Oldenburg, Germany. Two older daughters have already left the house.

Twitter: @jascharohr
Photo: Jascha Rohr (c)