Welcome to a conversation and experimentation workshops to imagine what would be the new contract and universal basic insurance for a better life. At this point my company (www.hanskismaskinservice.com) is taking the imagination forward and the project code name is Universal Basic Hope.

Welcome on Thursday to have a conversation about the just-cause and on Friday 18th at 11am EEST (9am GMT) to co-create an experimentation.

The UBH (Universal Basic Hope) is about creating a service and platform where we all can make better choices regarding our life and realize the impact of our choices in the feeling of relevance and meaning. The scope of the idea is to respond to too small worriers early enough, create glimpses of hope and provide practical solutions to improve life. I am challenging the fundamentals of welfare society. My argument is that the current system is siloed and focused to solve everyday problems too late. The other objective is to remove or make fast, easy but dangerous solutions to worries obsolete. With this I mean especially quick loan providers with greedy interest programs.

The UBH is not yet out there. Collaborating with the Untitled Festival and with you is in key role on my journey to make real life experiments first in Finland and then later in the EU. At this point the service concept prototype is being developed and we are starting customer validations this fall. So far we have done extensive research about the current macro-level social welfare system and also investigated together with Demos Helsinki about the everyday worries that we finns have today.

My goal is to imagine a new contract for the social security and welfare system; find a solution that is adaptive to personal life situations, empowering not shameful, compassionate not dangerous and understanding the true nature of everyday life.

Developing the evolution of social welfare systems like in Finland is a daunting task. In fact the system I have a privilege to live in is close to perfect. I am sure that every system has room to improve even the one from the happiest country in the world. I invite everyone to imagine how we can create a engaging, motivating, uplifting and ethically sound system that we can provide not only in Finland but for the rest of the world.

Mikko-Pekka Hanski is the founder of the experiment and happy to connect with everyone who wants to reimagine social systems! In addition to imagining a better future Mikko-Pekka is a Co-Founder and Head of Studio for a global design agency Idean. He is also a board member in several organizations such as the JRC, the Children and Youth Foundation   and the Design Forum .

Twitter handle: @mphanski

Website: www.hanskismaskinservice.com