Papana & Norkko are two fictive Siberian flying squirrels (eli liito-oravia!) living in Solkivuori forest, Tampere, Finland (that is Solkivuoren yhteistoiminnallinen liito-oravien hoito- ja suojelumetsä).  They are professionals of forestry, legislation, bureaucracy and unconventional co-operations. In their own words:

”Our project for Untitled festival in 2020 consists of several flying parts!

We will make future-leap-flying-orientation-interviews for Untitled community and participants. For interviews we use the video-conversation-platform Zoom and share our results on our internet-influencing-channels Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. 

Also, we will invite human and non-human influencers to discuss around the same negotiating table (wooden, electric or fluid – depending on the pandemia situation). On our discussion agenda we have common-to-many-species-things such as hunger, roots/flying and sustainable livelihoods, that shape our shared futures.

Flying squirrels Papana alias Milla Martikainen (left) ja Norkko alias Katri Puranen

Our mission is to stop the ongoing mass extinction threatening both squirrels and humans. To further our goal, we have started developing ways for human – Siberian flying squirrel –  co-operation. One way is to learn to use human platforms – such as Twitter – to create spaces for interspecies utopian conversations. We believe this will commit to nourishing the political imaginations of our multispecies societies.

Kaikki on mahdollista oravalle, jolla on esityslista! Everything is possible for a squirrel who has an agenda!”

If you wish to be interviewed by two Siberian flying squirrels, please contact them through metsaesitys(a)


Papana & Norkko are created by the Metsäesitys collective (Milla Martikainen and Katri Puranen).





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