Short cuts

What next

Untitled’s second year is about to start. 2020 almost everything happened around the festival, in 2021 we’ll work to create opportunities for you to engage more regularly with the Untitled Alliance and harness it to progress the change in the system you work to create.

The feedback from the Untitled Alliance members is pretty unanimous. Untitled’s distinctive value is in the alliance that can combine talk with action. To nurture this inclination we ask you kindly to do the following in the spring of 2021.

  • Bring your project to the Experiment Clinic. These are online sessions where we draw resources from the community and its netwórk to support the development of the experiments. Starting in January. Contact us if you want to be among the first.
  • Join Alliance Meetups and Topic Deep Dives. These are peer learning sessions that focus on creating a new narrative to root and grow experiments and on learning, connecting and sharing discoveries and tacit knowledge.
  • Prepare a session for Untitled Festival 2nd–5th June 2021, on your own or with Alliance members or other collaborators.
  • Help others in their attempts to imagine and experiment. For example, the Untitled team needs help in recruiting and spreading the first publication first thing 2021

Untitled Festival 2021

Put the days 2nd–5th June 2021 in your calendar for coming together to celebrate:
Untitled festival 2021, with more focus on getting most of the members, will take place hopefully in Helsinki (with online access) over four days. The idea is to dedicate most of the time to go deep together into the narrative and experiments and have one day with more guests, plenty of programme and a celebration. We will closely follow the pandemic and develop the concept accordingly.

Help spread the narrative: Share the Untitled article including your experiments when 2021 starts

Many of you have been contributing to the article that is to be published in the beginning of 2021. It tells the story of Untitled and features the experiments that were initiated at the Festival. We’ll send it to you, with ideas on how to share it. We would love to have you use the article as a reference and spread accordingly.


Untitled Festival 17–18 September 2020, Helsinki & online

Untitled Festival connects the people, arts, conversations and experiments.

The festival is not a conference of high-paid speakers or spectators with tickets. It is co-created through inputs from all the Alliance members, whether engaging others through art and imagination interventions, hosting conversations or leading workshops to plan experiments.

The Co-creation Manual helps you to design and set up your own contribution. Send as your initial idea before you leave for summer holidays:

Submit your idea for art or imagination interventions
Submit your idea for a conversation
Submit your idea for experiment workshop

The festival is by invitation only. The Alliance members list who they want to invite as the participants of the festival. To be resilient to the changing corona situation, there is a possibility to organise sessions and participate in the festival also online.

After the festival you will have:

  • Reimagined the terrestrial agenda through arts and conversations
  • Developed your project to become an Untitled Experiment and found (unlikely) allies for it
  • Met wonderful people in a intimate, joyful and festive environment
  • Tried at least one thing you have never tried before
  • Celebrated that we are in this together

May–June 2020

  • Intros: Watch video or read written introductions from the Alliance, and learn what they think needs to be reimagined and experimented with.
  • Receive info of the agenda areas that you are assigned to for Reimagine the Agenda online gathering and the preliminary group of people and organisations that will contribute to it (reimagine economy, reimagine climate, reimagine cities etc etc).
  • Received info about 11–12 June programme and practicalities
  • Listed your invitees: We ask you to deliver the Untitled team names of your invitees to the September festival by 25th of June, so that we can send the invitations. Request with a link will arrive to your email.
  • Received the Co-creation Manual from the Untitled team of what you can do at the September festival to get most out of it.

Reimagine the Agenda  11–12 June 2020

At Reimagine the Agenda online gathering we will work and play online with the Untitled alliance, individually and in groups to get to know each others through reimagining the agenda with experimental methods. Rather than jumping to problems or solutions, we will create images of the future.

The program  

After the gathering, you will have:

  • Prepared yourself and your team for the Untitled Festival
  • Practiced methods of social imagination in the brave space of Untitled
  • Connected with members of the alliances in the comfortable setting of your home or office and shared your interest and ideas with them
  • A more shared idea of the scope and scale of change we are after together
  • Had a good time, we hope!