The services provided by society should be based on the idea of relationships that strengthen us, not on threatening or controlling relationships. This talk show explores relationships with other-than-human guests.

Agenda track: 2 Ontological politics
Session type: New perspectives
Interaction level: Some
Movement level: None required, but there is a band, so the music might make you dance
Screen need: Possible to use audio only

Day: Friday the 24th of September, late afternoon EEST / CET.

There are four guests on the show:

  • The first guest is an AI with whom we have a dialogue on work and leadership. What are their leadership principles?
  • Next is a conversation between mushrooms and a human on what mushrooms think about human behaviours.
  • The third guest is a brain, with a researcher as their interpreter, trying to figure out what imagination and hope mean in the brain. 
  • The final guest is a system – what does a global intergovernmental organisation think about the future?

As most humans don’t know the language of our guests yet, each one has an interpreter with them. The audience will be able to comment and ask our guests questions. The conversation is accompanied by an eleven-member band. Feel free to dance to the music!

An open-source service platform to inspire great ideas and those behind them to build utopias will also be launched at this show.

The host of the talk show Mikko-Pekka Hanski is a school teacher by education who has worked decades in tech through a company he co-founded. Now he concentrates on imagining new worlds, developing concepts and investing in ideas and people that make life a bit better and easier for us all. He is one of the founding members of Untitled.

“For the idea of the show and who to invite as my talk show guests I have to give credit to two hosts at Untitled Festival 2020: Panthea Lee from Reboot showed us questions that some people have to ask that I don’t ever have to ask. I realised I really need to understand more of the realities of others. Then two flying Siberian squirrels Papana & Norkko organised a panel. Inspired by them, I have invited others than humans in my talk show”, says Mikko-Pekka.

“Things people are working on in the Untitled community blow my mind all the time. Somebody is reimagining democracy, the other working on how to make the world see the missing narratives of the future of work and the 3 million unemployed South African young people aged 15–24 as a force of the future.” 

In the Untitled community Mikko-Pekka, or Hanski, is known for his enthusiasm and readiness to help: “That’s what the whole Untitled is about for me: helping each other do hard but hopeful things.”