In this workshop we will explore the Tricky reality of fluidity and complexity: it’s easily said that life is an ongoing flow of events that are interconnected with one another. But how to live life in such a way that does this justice? Reason for this exploration is the Assumption that a main cause for unsustainable issues is that people focus on solidifying – ranging from social exclusion to tax schemes that benefit wealthy people and disadvantage poor people to Disastrous wrecking of the world for ’resources’ that we claim we need for a ’prosperous; life. There are alternative images to this notion.  

We start this workshop by getting to know each other, followed by a concise presentation. Next, we will split up into smaller groups to explore the question of what would you like to have or keep fixed and what flexible / fluid? What would this look / sound / smell like? After a plenary harvest we split again this time diving into the question what this would mean for you and your behavior and for needed changes in context. By the end of this workshop we will have explored a possible new fix-fluid state

Marieke Verhagen is a Researcher & Advisor at DRIFT .

Twitter: @drifteur