Join as a volunteer

You can join building the Untitled community and festival by contributing your time and skills on a volunteer basis. Every effort from making magic at communications to helping in online hosting is highly appreciated and greeted with joy.

As a volunteer you get to join Untitled festival, connect with the versatile global community and have fun while making Untitled happen together. You can contribute before the festival, during the festival days or after the festival, remotely or in presence, as much as you want and can.

See below examples of areas you can contribute to.

Let us know who you are and what you’d be interested in doing through this form.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact khadra.aden(at)

1 Communications
for example

  • Newsletter editing
  • Article writing
    – E.g. by interviewing participants and session organisers etc.
  • Untitled website e.g.
    – Updating programme and info
    – Restructuring the website according to new needs
  • Social media 
  • Media contacts
  • Graphic design & creating visual material
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Podcasts

2 Event management & Participant experience
Event Management for example

  • Programming & Scheduling
  • Logistics planning
  • Coordinating service providers
  • Partner- and sponsorships
  • Volunteer training & orientation

Participant experience for example

  • Engaging with the participants and preparing everyone to be well informed & growing a great and curious atmosphere towards the festival
  • Registration
  • Guiding “Initiation into the festival” at the festival
  • Hosting & supporting guests, session organisers & general guidance
  • Leading starting activities for conversation or workshop sessions

3 Space design, build up and
take down of the festival
for example

  • Space design for creative, brave & safe space
  • Sustainable sourcing of materials
  • Building and setting up spaces
  • Tech (sound, video)
  • Take down after the festival

4 Festival’s Online dimension

for example

  • Concept & script design
  • Technical set up
  • Technical hosting
  • Hosting and guiding

5 Final Party for the Festival
for example

  • Performing or creating other experiences
  • Concept design
  • Programming & Scheduling
  • Connecting and communicating with the contributors
  • Partnerships

6 Content quality & documentation

  • Engaging with conversation and experiment workshops organisers to help them shape their ideas into top notch content
  • Editing great programme descriptions for website
  • Creating way(s) to document the content of the festival in ways that support building the narrative and transformative agenda

7 Other

  • Anything else you think is needed or would be great to have in Untitled?