COVID-19 Plan

Updated 8th of September

We will keep you informed related to the effects of COVID-19 on UNTITLED through this web page and regular newsletters. Here you can find the current plan.

In our COVID-19 measures the starting point is that UNTITLED is not an one-off event, but we are launching a ten year process in which the annual festival and other events are just one way of Collaborating. UNTITLED is relatively protected from the damages caused by the Pandemic. Hence, we keep on building the unlikely Alliance for reimagining and experimenting.

In the wake of the recent rise in cases globally as summer comes to an end within Europe and Finland, we have decided to Concentrate the majority of our efforts on providing the best possible online participation method and experience for all of our participants. Indeed, you can host and participate in all sessions online. 

If you are considering to travel to Finland, note that there are two authorities’ recommendations to follow: The Finnish Institute for Health & Welfare ( see their covid & travel related advice ) and The Finnish Border Guard ( see their covid & travel related advise ) . If traveling from countries that have a higher risk of infection than Finland , the Institute for Health & Welfare advices a 14 day Quarantine. The limit stipulated by the Finnish Government is more than 10 cases / 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. At the moment there are very few countries one can travel to Finland without self-quarantine.  Please check the situation carefully with these two authorities and contact us before deciding to travel to Helsinki from outside Finland.

Those situated in or able to travel to Helsinki are welcome to a safe, smaller scale event space in a central location in the city.

Our main principles and codes of conduct for the physically safe event space include:

  • Limiting the number of onsite participants in rooms and other areas so that safe distances can be effectively respected.
  • Planning the event spaces accordingly, so that there is sufficient space to maintain the minimum recommended safe space for social distancing.
  • Using Amplified air conditioning to provide increased circulation of outdoor air into the spaces.
  • Increasing cleaning of all event spaces, concentrating especially on surfaces that are Touched Frequently.
  • Providing disposable face masks, and encouraging their use in any situation where they could offer additional safety.
  •  If you have traveled to countries that have a higher risk of infection than Finland in the 14 days prior to the event, you are now welcome to participate in remotely but your are not allowed to participate onsite. 
  • If you are ill or experiencing even the slightest symptoms of the flu, you are welcome to participate in remotely if your condition allows but your are not permitted to participate onsite.

The year 2020 has been, and will continue to be a turbulent one, and we have needed to change our plans accordingly several times this year. We believe that this adaptability has made us a truly resilient community and platform!

It is important to remember that:

  • The principles and format of UNTITLED as a long-term process can be planned forward regardless of changes in the plan or order of program. 
  • You can keep on finalizing your planned content and approach, and also still propose new invites, conversations, arts, experiences, ideas and experiments. Please keep in mind that all the sessions should be accessible also as online sessions.
  • UNTITLED is created by an Alliance. Thus, the festival program is well protected as it is not a conference with paid speakers, but a co-creation platform with participants.