COVID-19 Plan

We will keep you informed related to the effects of COVID-19 on UNTITLED through this web page and regular newsletters. Here you can find the current plan.

In our COVID-19 measures the starting point is that UNTITLED is not an one-off-event, but we are launching a ten year process in which the annual festival and other events are just one way of collaborating. Untitled is relatively well protected from the damage the pandemy is causing. Hence, we are moving on with the plans of building the unlikely alliance for reimagining and experimenting.

We have developed different ways of coming together both online and offline to imagine, shape the agenda and plan experiments throughout the year. See details on the Festival and Events page.

We continue our work of designing the format and programme for the Untitled online and offline events and the main festival in Helsinki in September.

The year 2020 will be turbulent and plans might need to change many times. Meanwhile, remember that

  • The principles and format of UNTITLED as a long-term process can be planned forward regardless of possible changes in the plan or order of programme. 
  • You can keep on planning content and approach  such your invitees, conversations, arts, experiences, ideas and experiments. Please keep in mind the possibility of hosting also an online-sessions.
  • UNTITLED is created by an alliance. Thus, also the festival programme is well protected as it is not a conference with paid speakers, but a co-creation platform with participants.We are keen to hear insights and ideas.