When the economy is not working for everyone, more and more people are starting to build alternatives for organizing and managing local community resources. Spanning from democratically governed cooperatives to locally embedded economic communities, community wealth* is gaining increasing attention. 

We are seeking groundbreaking community wealth ideas, projects, and communities to take part in a 4-month Experiment Attractor programme. During the programme, we will support up to six project teams to grow their imagination, further develop their ideas and create a movement of supporters for their project. The Experiment Attractor is run by Emergence Room – a joint initiative of MarsDD, McConnell Foundation and Dark Matter Labs – and supported by the Untitled Alliance


The Community Wealth Experiment Attractor will run virtually as a series of gatherings every three weeks between March and June, 2022. Through group and individual coaching, peer input, methods practice and stakeholder interaction, you will 

  • be able to build an actionable provocation for communicating the potential of your transformative project better
  • take steps in attracting the appropriate community and partners to make the project a reality
  • connect with and learn from others working on the mission of increasing community wealth

For more details, keep on reading.

This free of charge program is most suitable for early stage projects, regardless of their sector and institutional setting.

If you are interested in participating in the Community Wealth Experiment Attractor with your project team, please fill out this quick participant application. Deadline for application is March 2nd, 2022.

Do you have questions? Sue Talusan, stalusan@marsdd.com, will be happy to answer.

The Experiment Attractor aims to attract movements around imaginative, transformative and experimental ideas. It is suitable for early stage projects and ventures regardless of their sector and institutional setting.

To be accessible for teams around the world, The Community Wealth Experiment Attractor will run virtually. We will gather every three weeks from March 2022 to June 2022: March 17, April 7, April 28, May 19, June 2, June 23, between 9–11am EST / 3–5pm CET. Also be prepared to use 12 hours of preparation and learning in between sessions.

The gatherings consist of group and individual coaching, peer input, and methods practice. You will:

  • Build a new narrative of the future your project is creating
  • Design and build a provocation about your project
  • Test your provocation with people
  • Identify and leverage imagination insights for your project
  • Share your learnings and grow the movement around with interested people

*) What is community wealth? Community wealth is about creating new models of democratic ownership in local economies, and community development that centers the voices of its most vulnerable populations. It casts new roles for anchor institutions to drive towards more equitable and sustainable local economies, and for people to drive impact in their own communities through equitable investment mechanisms.

Highly functional community wealth ecosystems work at multiple scales, and operate across multiple sectors. They for example enable ecological development to build stronger local food systems, creating green jobs, and reclaiming the commons. They use innovation and transformative policy change at multiple levels of government, enabling projects like transit-oriented development, and wealth preservation and asset building in low income communities. They encourage innovative business development through the creation of social enterprises. Read more on this inspiring Community wealth website.