UNTITLED Companionship

Untitled Companionship is an infrastructure of care, joy and push for those wanting to change the system through imagination and experimentation. The companionship will offer peer support and collaboration to strengthen each other and our work. It is for people who work in realms where there are no best practices or referee articles available. Companions provide each other with a safe haven to develop their avant-garde thinking and projects in a critical yet playful company.

The program is gentle in order to help us be brave. Untitled Companionship is a mixture of self-organized work and carefully curated interactions at House Meetings.

Untitled Companions 2021

Yop Rwang Pam, Program Manager, Reboot, Nigeria
Simo Vassinen, Dancer, Writer, Researcher, BodyTalk, Germany
Robert Diggs, Community and Partnerships Lead, RSA US, USA
Nchimunya Hamukoma, Economist, Policy Advisor & Research Manager, South Africa
Mikko-Pekka Hanski, Chairman of the board, The General Unemployment Fund, Finland
Katariina Helaniemi, Head of Impact, Illusian Group, Finland
Tuuli Kaskinen, Demos Helsinki, Finland
Juha Kaakinen, CEO, Y-Foundation, Finland
Jennifer Lynn Morone, CEO, artist RadicalxChange Foundation, USA
Hannah Patterson, Senior Portfolio Manager – Innovation, Policy and Practice, The National Lottery Community Fund, UK
Corey Chao, Design Director, Reboot, USA
Anthony Zacharzewski, President, The Democratic Society, Belgium

House Meetings

Purpose: Help to see the connections between your work and large scale social change, engage in the community, overcome silos and find allies in your mission. A different topic will be explored at each session.
Meetings are a curated combination of arts, embodied exercises, provocations, conversations and peer support and evaluation. Organized by the Untitled team together with different companions each time.
Intensity: Online once every 1 to 2 months, five times in 2021.

You should consider becoming an Untitled Companion if …

  • You are eager to transform your sector 
  • You seek to increase the legitimacy of your work
  • You are usually the one providing outputs (and now yearning for input)
  • You could use peer-support, -care and -accountability
  • You want to support others by sharing perspectives and networks
  • You allow yourself to be playful, too
  • You are keen to create new, joyful narratives of transformation
  • You can commit to meet with your companions of transformation once every two months and organize one of those meetings yourself
  • You are willing to turn the conversations into an output: e.g. festival program, a creative output, a text, a project

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