In today’s business world, ethics are often overlooked for the sake of profit. Charles Armstrong’s mission is to reverse this trend.

Charles Armstrong, @car0lus
Founder of The Trampery, UK,


What could be reimagined in the business world? 

Charles is interested in reimagining the core assumptions of capitalism, in order to find a new role for business in society. His interest towards this topic comes from the lack of discourses about ethics in the entrepreneurial world, an issue that has to be addressed to think about capitalism of the future; in fact, he calls for an urgent shift from a focus on profit towards the team’s well being in a company. He says he is “amazed” by the lack of attention on this issue from his peer entrepreneurs.

How do you think Untitled can help you with your vision? 

Charles wonders whether leaders of conventional businesses are open and prone to rethink the foundations of their activities to the same extent he is trying to do. He is already aware of the presence of the so called “social enterprises” in the UK that are trying to pursue his goal, but realizes their impact is currently very limited since they represent only a fragment of the current global entrepreneurial landscape. 

Who should join the Alliance to help you achieve this goal?

 Charles is willing to meet visionary people as him to build meaningful conversations on the topic, since such a community does not exist yet.


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