The Biodiversity Building is a brand new concept for an apartment building aimed at radically increasing the sustainability of affordable housing. The wooden building aims to protect biodiversity and reduce the carbon footprint of housing. Also, the idea of the Biodiversity Building is to encourage its tenants to participate in and commit to a sustainable and community based lifestyle and urban farming. The concept is being developed by the Y-Foundation, one of the biggest affordable housing providers in Finland and a champion of the Housing First principle in Finland and abroad. Now they need your input!

Agenda Track: 1 Nature–human
Session type: New experimental models
Interaction level: Most of the time
Movement level: None

The development project of Biodiversity Building strives to investigate how the technical and spatial solutions – such as use of the ground and the roof level – of a wooden apartment building could be used to protect biodiversity and absorb carbon. Also, the model for resident participation is being designed based on Y-Foundation’s previous work and benchmarking. For the tenants, the building will provide the opportunity to lead a low-carbon lifestyle and grow their own food whilst living in an apartment.

The Biodiversity Building is in design phase and with Untitled Festival participants The Y-Foundation wants to test ideas and solutions found, as well as look for cues for answers still missing. The goal is to have the first building built in a few years time.

The Y-Foundation’s (Y-Säätiö) mission is to enhance social justice. They do this by developing social housing for the largest Finnish cities lacking affordable housing. They build housing units where support services are easily available as well as state-subsidised rental homes. The work of the Y-Foundation relies heavily on their expertise on issues relating to homelessness and the Housing First principle.