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We always spill over by Roberto Mangabeira Unger

“The defining human attribute is transcendence. There is always more in us, in each of us individually and in all of us collectively.” Roberto Mangabeira Unger held the only keynote of the first Untitled festival. Unger has had intellectually strong influence on how we at Untitled understand societal transformation, and especially the elemental role of […]


Universal Basic Hope by Mikko-Pekka Hanski (FI) // CONVERSATION + EXPERIMENT WORKSHOP

Welcome to a conversation and experimentation workshops to imagine what would be the new contract and universal basic insurance for a better life. At this point my company (www.hanskismaskinservice.com) is taking the imagination forward and the project code name is Universal Basic Hope. Welcome on Thursday to have a conversation about the just-cause and on […]

New Metaphors by The Imaginaries Lab [US] // ART & IMAGINATION

Metaphors are central to how we imagine and describe the experiences and systems of everyday life, from climate to pandemic, governments to economies, education to care. Once we notice and think about the metaphors we’re using, it can prompt us to understand our situation better, but also to re-imagine, to use alternative metaphors to think […]

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Futures frequency – Reimagine the future by Sitra [FI] // Experiment Workshop

By 2030 our average carbon footprint should be significantly lower to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. We need to reimagine our Everyday lives, governance, businesses, work – every aspect of our lives to match the earth’s carrying capacity. Futures Frequency is a 3 hour workshop developed by Sitra . It challenges our assumptions about […]