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Reimagine Wellbeing Part II by Life Itself & Moral Imaginations [UK/FR] // ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS

Fighting climate change with technology and changing consumption behaviour won’t be enough. The pivotal answer may be to finally pursue a world where cultivating better ways of being, for current and future humans, is the goal of social and economic policy.  Agenda track: 2 Ontological politics, 3 Civic imagination Session type: New narratives Interaction level: […]

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Associate, the resident AI Poet of Untitled, by Otso Havanto [FI]

Untitled’s resident poet Associate is back. Associate creates an experimental and poetic digital documentation from the various discussions that take place within the Untitled events. Associate is at the same time an independent artwork and experimental documentation of the festival. It is displayed online at associate.associates The recorded discussions in Untitled meetings and festival events are […]

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Civic Spaces by Gabriella Gómez-Mont (MX/NL) // CIVIC IMAGINATION

Can a city offer its citizens different ways of gathering around shared visions, common questions and collective imaginations? Agenda track: 3 Civic imagination Session type: New experimental models Interaction level: Some Movement level: None Screen need: Possible to have audio only Day: Friday 24 September at 10-11.30 UTC | 13-14.30 EEST We are living through […]

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Helping you to hear me by Pehmee The Soft Collective [FI] // CIVIC IMAGINATION

Time to practice softness and being present and intentional in your hearing.  Agenda track: 3 Civic imagination & 4 Heterodox institutions Session type: New perspectives Interaction level: Most of the time Movement: None Screen need: Needed all the time Day: Thursday 23 September, 15–16.30 UTC | 18-19.30 EEST In this session we investigate how to […]

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Long-term Care Centres – a case for worker power and community autonomy based economies by Autonomy [UK] // NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE

How can we provide care to an aging population? What does the future of fair work look like? These are big questions facing the Western world. The mainstream fit-for-all solution of the past decades appears to be “efficiency”, treating care provision and almost any work the same as producing cars in a factory. Autonomy, an […]

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Living Change: grief as an overlooked force by Louise Armstrong [UK] // HETERODOX INSTUTIONS

For those who are looking to enable a just and regenerative world, it is critical that we find ways to be closing the regenerative cycle. Agenda track: 4 Heterodox institutions & 1 Nature – human Session type: new perspectives Interaction level: Most of the time Movement level: None Screen need: Needed all the time Day: Friday […]

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Crushing our social presets by Karoliina Jarenko & Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä [FI] // CIVIC IMAGINATION

In Western cultures people have been indoctrinated to believe that rationality ought to govern the body, mind and emotions. This tradition originates from Plato, who glorified the rational and laid ground for the supremacy and social status of those who suppress their feelings, obey the results of their deductive rationalizations and keep with a restrained […]

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What if we as employees were a pivotal force in sustainable transitions? by Service Union United PAM // NEW MODELS OF ECONOMY & GOVERNANCE

According to research, climate change is a truly shared worry among citizens. We have looked for the solutions to come from consumers, from regulators, from investors. But as climate change keeps increasing and biodiversity diminishing, Service Union United PAM thinks we need to expand agency to tackle this issue. Employees – those same citizens that […]