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Let’s face our inner oppressors – the emotional work of social change by Sophia Wekesa [FI]

Imagine if this world would work so that instead of helping the underprivileged and marginalized to integrate into society and pushing for inclusion, we would focus on helping the privileged to face their uncomfortable feelings and let go of their unfair and unjust advantages. Social change is emotional work – through empathy and accountability we can […]

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Tech narratives and the collective good by Bethnal Green Ventures & Future Narratives Lab // New models of economy and governance

A fierce debate rages over the most effective ways to tackle the problems that our use of technology is causing for democracy, equality, and society as a whole. Built into the terms of these debates are a series of unhelpful assumptions that constrict imagination and undermine the perceived viability of truly radical approaches.  Agenda track: […]

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Do we need a parallel polis? by The Alternative UK // ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS

A parallel polis is a space of human creativity and agency that connects all citizens to practical solutions to our environmental, social division and well-being crises. In this session you are invited to imagine a parallel polis through architecture that can connect community agency-networks (CANs) locally and internationally and sketch its potential impact. Agenda track: […]

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Life-centric concrete utopias: Bridging the now and the unimaginable in education and beyond by Pedagogy of Concrete Utopias // NATURE-HUMAN

We invite anyone interested in bringing concrete utopias to their communities, whether it is your workplace, housing cooperative, city council, home town, or football team. Session participants will get to experiment with new forms of transformative learning developed in the research project Pedagogy of Concrete Utopias. The research project develops pedagogy that supports learners to […]


Towards a Generative Democracy (Is it true that our imagination is failing us?) By Paola Pierri and Jo Harrington // ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS

In this conversation we will be delving into how embracing the social nature of imagination might transform the democratic contract. Agenda track: 2 Ontological politics, 3 Civic imagination Session type: New narratives Interaction level: Some Movement level: None Screen need: Needed all the time Day: Thursday 23 September Moving beyond the dominant narrative Today, the […]

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Subversive Care as a Practice for Belonging: Prospects of Community Care by Akunna Onwen [FI] // CIVIC IMAGINATION & ONTOLOGICAL POLITICS

A sense of belonging in the communities that surround you is an elemental human need. In this session we are imagining community care as a practice for belonging.  Agenda track:  3 Civic imagination, 2 Ontological politics & 4 Heterodox institutions Session type: New narratives Interaction level: Most of the time Movement: None Screen need: Possible […]

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Casino Égalité – diversity and democracy in arts by sortition? by Rasmus Slätis [FI] // HETERODOX INSTITUTIONS

Casino Égalité is a dream of strengthening solidarity and sharing within the cultural scene. By celebrating chance and the luck of the draw, the idea is to give art and artists space(s) in which to be unexpected and uncontrolled. Sortition could be a way of governing such spaces to strengthen the feeling of equality, where […]

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Reimagine Wellbeing Part I: Conscious multilevel cultural evolution – a Paradigmatic alternative to individualism by Life Itself & Prosocial World [UK/FR/US]

Fighting climate change with technology and changing consumption behaviour won’t be enough. The pivotal answer may be to finally pursue a world where cultivating better ways of being, for current and future humans, is the goal of social and economic policy. Life Itself is hosting two sessions on this theme of well-being and sustainability. The […]