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Holding Space with Yarrow by Mari Keski-Korsu (FI) // ART & IMAGINATION

This was a session at Untitled Festival 2020. At UNTITLED, Mari Keski-Korsu will enact a performative intervention called ‘Holding Space with Yarrow’. It is a participatory and performative session that engages with yarrow through foot baths, hydro bodies and meditation. Yarrow (Siankärsämö) is one of the oldest plant remedies in Nordic region and is considered […]

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Cultivating Seeds for Delightful Interspecies Futures By Papana & Norkko (Metsäesitys) (FI) // ART & IMAGINATION

Papana & Norkko are two fictive Siberian Flying squirrels (ie Flying squirrels!) Living in Solkivuori forest, Tampere, Finland (that is Solkivuori’s Collaborative Flying squirrel care and protection forest). They are professionals of forestry, legislation, bureaucracy and unconventional co-operations. In their own words: “During the festival days we are having a round table discussion with human […]

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Imagine a Radically Transparent and Traceable Government by TOKEN [EU] // CONVERSATION

Imagine a society where government operations are totally transparent and processes traceable. Distributed Ledger Technology  (DLT), such as blockchain, is scaling upwards in public administration and is claimed to offer new radical possibilities to increase transparency and efficiency, while decreasing bureaucracy in public operations. Will we have the ability to identify and monitor all the […]

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Björn Müller, STRIDE the unSchool [CH] // PEOPLE

The concept of innovation is still deeply associated with technological innovation as motor for societal progress, emerging out of a competition of ideas. But is it possible to shift this perspective to social innovation, a process of learning collaboratively how to live better together? How might we involve mainstream stakeholders in the process of turning […]


Charles Armstrong, The Trampery [UK] // ALLIANCE

In today’s business world, ethics are often overlooked for the sake of profit. Charles Armstrong’s mission is to reverse this trend. Charles Armstrong, @car0lus Founder of The Trampery, UK, thetrampery.com   What could be reimagined in the business world?  Charles is interested in reimagining the core assumptions of capitalism, in order to find a new […]