The world economy is increasingly based on data that increases in value when shared and combined with other data. However, our centuries-old economic models and structures fail to recognise this value-creation process, causing markets for anti-rival digital goods to wither.

The idea of “anti-rival” is a concept that describes goods not fitting into the dichotomy of rival or non-rival goods. Anti-rival goods can be shared or used exclusively and gain value the more they are used. They are embedded in the development of new technologies and especially DLT. If successful, they could have implications for our economic systems and thinking, interaction and the sustainability of communities.

Agenda Track: 3 Civic imagination, 4 Heterodox institutions and 5 New models of economy and governance
Session type: New narratives
Interaction level: Most of the time
Movement level: None

The ATARCA project invites you to the session to imagine together new metaphors for data and discuss social, political and economic impacts of the implementation of an anti-rival economy. The aim is, via identifying the roles and nature of data in our economies and societies, to explore the potential of an anti-rival economy at large: how could it foster more fair and sustainable socio-economic structures and what kinds of policies are needed to enable that?

The new narrative challenges our fundamental understandings of how value is or can be created in data economy and how (infra)structures, culture and attitudes need to change in order to grasp the potential of new economic thinking.The involvement of citizens, activists, policymakers and researchers alike is central to grasping as many dimensions of this challenge as possible. We welcome everyone to the session, which consists of an orientation, discussion in small groups and wrapping up together.

A series of follow-up dialogue sessions will be organised in ATARCA. The discussions at the Untitled festival and other dialogue sessions will feed into the development of the project’s policy recommendations. 

ATARCA is a collaborative project designed to create a scientific foundation for anti-rival compensation and governance technology. As their early work strongly indicates, economic structures and institutions need a fundamental reform to fully leverage ICT and digital resources. Through participatory designs, prototyping and interventions based on action research and data analysis, ATARCA’s members will design, implement, and deploy and analyse initial anti-rival systems. ATARCA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

This session will be facilitated by: Dr. Ville Eloranta, Aalto University, Johannes Mikkonen, Senior Policy Expert, Demos Helsinki and Research coordinator Atte Ojanen, Demos Helsinki

ATARCA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.