How can we rethink our economy in terms of more inclusivity?

Alexa Clay, @alexaclay
esearcher, writer and public speaker. Director of RSA US,
A global community of proactive problem solvers building networks and opportunities for people to collaborate, influence and demonstrate practical solutions to realise change,


What can be reimagined in today’s economy? 

Alexa believes that the moment we are currently living in requires us to rethink justice in our economic system, finding a way that to offer people opportunities to experience a social and economic mobility.

How would you develop this vision?

Her project requires us to create coalitions around cities, and this can only be done by allowing different social groups that normally do not interact to coonfront one another.

Who needs to join the Alliance to make your vision true?

People from different backgrounds should join the alliance (from grassroot societies, artists or historians). Alexa believes that the right people to help her to make her vision true are generous people, individuals with a natural instinct towards collaboration and with “fire in their bellies” in terms of what is wrong and needs to change.


Image: Alexa Clay,